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"Perinote lets me organize and prioritize all my daily activities any way that I like, providing me with a single flexible app that I can use to match and manage my busy lifestyle.

I'm looking forward to see what their next version brings - Keep up the Good Work!"

Jason R. Seattle WA

"I discovered Perinote on the Google Play Store while looking for a way to organize my hectic  life. After downloading the app, I quickly learned that Perinote could replace many of my other  separate apps with one integrated app to easily manage all of my Tasks, Appointments, Notes and Contacts.

The clincher was the Perinote could bring together all of my information into one easy to use desktop view making task management, data entry & retrieval fast and very convenient."

Bob F. Seattle WA

"After downloading Perinote to better organize my tasks, I was surprised to learn that it contains a flexible folder based organizational system which I could easily modify to match my daily workflow and organizational style. This is a very different approach from the other applications that I have tried and gave up on because they only provide a standardized structure which cannot be customized.

Perinote lets me organize and prioritize all of daily activities any way that I like, providing me with one app that can be personalized to work the way I do.

As promised in their website "Your life, your way"

- Great App!"

Jonathan V. Seattle WA

"The truth was that in order to achieve my organizational goals, I was using four separate apps to track and manage all of my daily activities. I was frustrated further when the individual apps did not share any of their data, even though the information was available on my smart phone. I was wasting time re-entering information in several apps that should have been able to read the data directly from my smart phone.

Perinote solved this annoying problem and since it integrates natively with my Android calendar and contacts, I can still use the built in Android calendar and contacts applications.  I appreciate this flexibility.

Perinote handles much more than my other stand alone apps and as a result, I now use Perinote exclusively to manage all of my professional and personal activities.

The desktop view lets me stay organized and on top of my activities from a single view. Having everything organized in one place, the way I like, makes my life easier and much more productive as a result."

Mike A. Seattle WA

I was frustrated by the amount of time that I was spending trying to stay organized while managing my daily to-do's and busy appointment schedule.

My smartphone promised to organize my daily activities, saving me time to spend with my family . This was not the case and I ended up downloading three additional applications just to manage my personal & business tasks appointments and notes.

Perinote saved me from this madness by combining tasks, contacts, appointments and notes into one easy to use application. I’m now finally organized with one app that does it all."

Michelle S. Seattle WA


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