This innovative new version of Perinote incorporates over 32 of the most user requested features including email integration, new calendar views, photo capabilities, drag & drop over multiple open windows, and a new communications interface.

We are pleased to announce the release of Perinote ® Ver. 3.0.

Your World in a Folder

Perinote Organizer is designed to efficiently blend all your tasks, contacts, calendar events and

important notes into an integrated easy-to-use Android Application crafted to increase your

productivity without complexity.

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Your life, organized your way

Organize your important information any way you like. Perinote is a unique multi-feature Android Application which efficiently brings together all of your tasks, contacts, notes and calendar information into a single easy-to-use application designed to increase productivity without complexity.

Folder based organizational system


Easy-to- use intuitive folder based organizational layout let's you create a filing system that works the way you work. Create an unlimited number of folders or sub-folders to take command and organize both your professional and personal information.

Easily manage your calendar appointments


Effortlessly scroll through your calendar views with infinity scrolling technology. Perinote integrates natively with your phone's calendar allowing you to easily manage your activities, events and tasks all from a single app.

Unique note taking capability


Capture important information with our unique note taking capability, allowing you to capture and attach as much detail as you need for your activities, events and tasks.

Capture important information with our unique note taking capability


Perinote integrates natively with your phone's contact list allowing you to make calls directly from the application or link individuals and groups to your important activities for easy recall and management.

Easily manage all of your to do lists with a single application


Take control of your important tasks from a single access point designed to organize and prioritize multiple checklists mirroring what works best for you; without limits.

Easily organize and quickly find the details that you are looking for


Create an unlimited number of custom tags to easily organize and quickly find the details that

you are looking for.


Capture photos, view them and effortlessly add them to any chosen folder.

Communications Manager

Place phone calls, text messages and email directly from Perinote. Save these important communication details in your choice of folders .

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Learn how to get the most out of Perinote Organizer, an easy-to-use intuitive folder organizational system that let's you create a filing arrangement that works the way you think.

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Perinote is an innovative software company which develops applications for busy mobile users who want to take control of and easily organize both their professional and personal lives.


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