An innovative productivity solution


Unique note taking capability

Integrated multi-tasking Android Application with a control center desktop view

  • Replaces multiple stand-alone apps with a single app providing a unified point of entry and access for all of your personal and business data
  • All tasks, contacts, calendar events and important notes are visible on your homepage even if they are located in multiple unrelated folders


Easily manage your calendar appointments

Organize your information - Your Life, Your Way®

  • Infinity scrolling capability makes using our calendar efficient and fun
  • Manage and organize all of your details your way to save time and increase productivity
  • Easy-to- use intuitive folder organizational layout lets you create a filing system that works the way you think
  • Create an unlimited number of folders or sub-folders to take control and easily organize both your professional and personal information


Folder based organizational system
Easily organize and quickly find the details that you are looking for

Multiple Open Folders

  • Perinote uses a flexible folder system which allows you to organize your information any way you choose. We have not placed any restrictions on how to organize your information allowing you to create an unlimited number of folders and connections to effectively manage your notes, tasks, contacts and events within a single application
  • This system is a powerful organizational tool as any item (notes, contacts, events or tasks) can be set up as a folder. These folders can be nested and information linked allowing sharing across the entire folder system. You can manage and easily move information with our unique drag & drop feature, allowing you to move information across multiple windows


Create custom tags to identify and group items together  for improved organizational effectiveness

  • Replaces multiple stand-alone apps with a single app providing a unified point of data entry and access for all of your personal and business activities
  • Manage and organize all of your information your way to save time and increase productivity
  • Create custom tags to  identify favorites to improve organizational effectiveness
Easily manage all of your to do lists with a single application

Intuitive Android based operation

  • Easy to use interface which includes familiar Android operations which shorten the learning curve and increase your time to optimal productivity
  • Drag & Drop information faster and accurately with our new patent pending Drop Socket feature
  • Fast and Global Search for fast retrieval of information independent of source locations


Capture important information with our unique note taking capability

Capture photos, view them and effortlessly add them to any chosen folder.

  • Easily organize your photos in your flexible folder library
  • View all your photos together or separately in each folder along with notes, contacts, calendar events, and other related information.

Place phone calls, send text messages and email directly from Perinote and save these important communication details.

  • Search your contacts and either place a phone call, send a text message or email directly from within Perinote
  • Save these important communication details in the folder of your choice.
  • Send notes, contacts, calendar events, photos to other people.

Perinote Specs

Application Category: Professional & Personal Productivity Organizer

Producer: Perinote LLC

Content Rating: Everyone

Requires Android: 4.0.3 (Ice Cream Sandwich) or greater

Requires: Touch-screen device and screen-based keyboard

Requires: Google Play Store account

No internet connection required: Self-contained database works offline 1

Number of Available Folders: Unlimited Folder Organization Structure 2

Unlimited number of items per folder: Folders can contain a mix of items within the same folder (Notes, Events, Contacts, Tasks and Tags)

Unlimited note size

Unlimited cross referencing

Unlimited calendar history

Interactive Elements:

Productivity Organizer for Tasks, Contacts, Notes and Calendar Events featuring individual item cross linking and drag & drop across multiple open windows

Privacy Policy: Perinote LLC does not collect any user identifiable information3

Optional: device telephony, required in order to make phone calls, send text messages


1 An Internet connection is required to download Perinote Application updates.

2 There may be limitations external to the application such as device memory capacity, Android operating system limitations, field length limits for contacts and calendar events, etc.

3 At the End User’s discretion, Perinote log files can be sent to Perinote LLC for the express purpose of troubleshooting application performance issues. Please read our privacy policy for details.



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