An innovative productivity solution

Perinote Organizer


Designed for your busy mobile lifestyle, Perinote for the first time offers a unique multi-feature Android Application that allows you to effortlessly navigate and control everything in your life.


Our easy-to-use intuitive folder layout lets you create a filing system that works the way you think. Since this is a different approach from the other applications that you may have used in the past, there are bound to be some questions the first time you use Perinote.


Here are our most common FAQ's (Frequently Asked Questions) to help you quickly get started using Perinote.


Q.  How do I create a folder?

Every item you add to a folder is, itself, automatically a folder. To   add items to a newly added item, just open it by tapping its icon on the right.


Q.   How do I move items from one folder to another?

There are two ways to do this. Either use cut & paste or use drag & drop.  For both methods, we recommend that you begin by opening both folders.  Then you can use horizontal swiping to quickly move from one folder to the other.


Q.   How do I reorder items in a large folder?

The easiest way to do this is open the folder in two windows.  In one window, you scroll the folder to the area you are moving fromIn the other, you scroll to the area you are moving to. Then, using drag & drop, you can quickly drag the items from one window to the other and reorganize them.


Q.   I’m confused.  On the homepage, I see the same

folder listed twice in the list of open folders.

What’s going on?

Think of the list of open folders as a list of open windows.  Each window shows an open folder. It’s perfectly ok for two windows to show the same folder.  This is useful, for example, if you have a very large folder and you want to have one window showing one area and the other window showing    another area.


Q.  Why do all my notes have a date

just below the note?

Some people like having a date for each note. If you prefer that  your notes normally don’t show a date, tap the menu icon (upper right)  and select Settings. Then uncheck “Show date when adding new note”.


Q.   How do I hide the date on folders?

Just tap on the date and, in the popup, select “Don’t show note date”.


Q.   Why am I asked to register the app?

When you register, you get priority email technical support.  It also allows you to receive important email notifications and special Perinote upgrade offers.


Q.   Sometimes, when I try to navigate up a level, a

popup appears showing two (or more) folders.  Why is this showing up?

When you go up a level, Perinote finds the containing folder and makes it the current open folder. But if there is more than one containing folder (because you put the current item in more than one folder), Perinote needs to know which containing folder you wish to navigate to. Alternatively, tap the Android back button.


Q.   How do I save a newly entered note?

Everything you type in a note is saved automatically after a bit of time.


Q.   Where is my data backed up?

In the future, Perinote will offer automatic cloud backup.  Currently, to backup your data, please use the Export menu item to save your data to a file.


Q.   I just got a new phone.  How to I transfer my data

over to the new phone?

On the old phone, choose the  Export menu item. Then, using a USB or other connection, transfer the export data file to the new phone.  Finish by simply choosing the Import menu item on the new Phone.


Q.   What are benefits of tags?

Tags make it easy to organize your information. You can tag any item as a member of a specific

tag group. Perinote will create a link between that item and it’s tag without changing the

information in any of your folders.

This powerful organizational tool allows you to easily organize and quickly find the information you

are looking for. Each tag you create is simply a special folder. Like any folder in Perinote you can put items in it but in this case every item in the folder becomes a member of that tag. Select the tag icon on the floating navigation bar for access to all your tags and their associated members.


Q.   I can’t find the folder I put something in.

What do I do?

Use Global Search.  Each item in the search results shows the item matching your search words and the folder it was found in. Just click on a search results item to open that folder.


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