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Are You A Nexus of Information?
What is a nexus of information and how Perinote can help you.
Wed, 1 Mar 2017 12:00:00 PDT

You might have read the title of this month’s blog and asked yourself, who is a Nexus of Information? Well, it’s someone who takes on the central and essential role of being the nexus that connects various information and individuals with each other, like an airport connecting and directing flights around the world.

A Nexus of Information might be a personal assistant, a coordinator, a contractor, or an entrepreneur. They are the sort of person who works with several clients, vendors and so on, acting as the primary point of contact that gathers and disseminates information and services. They often facilitate communication and bring people together, or provide services and information to their clients by using important sources of information and experts.

As you can imagine, it is a very important role! For example, behind every successful executive is an organized assistant. A Nexus of Information makes many entrepreneurial ventures not only possible, but successful.

Curious whether or not you are a Nexus of Information? Ask yourself some of these questions:

  • Do you work in an essential support position? Often Nexus of Information are the sort of invaluable assistants that their bosses couldn’t live without.
  • Are you a solo general contractor?
  • Are you the person with all the details and answers?
  • Do you provide event planning services to clients?
  • Are you an entrepreneur with a new startup or small business?
  • Do you keep notes on everything just in case it’s important later?
  • Do you create and maintain meticulous, organized systems so that your boss or company is free to succeed?

If any of that sounds like you, then congratulations on being a Nexus of Information! The best thing you can do is embrace it and become the most effective you can be. The key is organizational effectiveness, which in this case might look like:

  • Accurately tracking your sources of information
  • Keeping a roster of your vendors, services and products
  • Tracking contacts with relevant details about who could become future clients
  • Keeping meticulous dossiers so you can keep track of not only who you’ve worked with, but what they each excel at, what jobs they’ve done for you in the past and what jobs they might be useful for in the future
  • Recording events, communications, agreements, and other details with your existing clients
  • Creating a contact profile on everyone you work with, or meet at networking events. Every business card you collect can be converted into a contact in your records
  • Maintaining a comprehensive record of events (meetings, consults, trips, etc.)

When it comes to organizational effectiveness, Perinote Organizer can help. Perinote is flexible and versatile, allowing you to keep anything and everything in the app. By designing your own customized folder system you can gather, track and disseminate information about various people and various projects easily. Perinote Organizer can be your nexus of data, allowing you to be a Nexus of Information for your operations or for others.

Let's pretend you are a real estate developer. In the screenshot below, there is a folder of various contractors that you have used or may consider using. One of the contractors is “Carl”.

In the next screenshot, we have opened the “Carl” folder and it contains a list of details about Carl - some notes, a calendar event for meetings, his contact info.

Now, let’s shift from contractors (who do the work for your projects) to the projects themselves. Below is a “Real Estate Projects” folder containing a list of projects.

The items in the “Projects” folder are folders, themselves. Let’s take a look at what’s in a couple of them. First, “Spec House”.

This folder contains notes specifically about this project. It also contains the contact info for the contractor we used, which happens to be Carl.

Similarly, in this screen shot, we show the “Condo Development” project. Again, there are some notes about the project and the contact info for the project, who is “Carl”. Notice that we have placed Carl’s contact info in three different folders to make it convenient. The info is not duplicated: it is the same info in all three places. You can do this with any kind of item in Perinote.

Additionally, you can maintain detailed itineraries and schedules by utilizing the unified task list. That way you can organize your busy day in a way that is fast and simple for everyone involved. Perinote allows you to manage and organize all of your details your way to save time and increase productivity.

Nexus of Information are valuable and when they are on top of their game they become irreplaceable. Perinote can help you become a Nexus of Information, or if you already are one, make you even more effective.


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