One glance at the dashboard allows you to see top tasks, upcoming meetings and more. Add key folders to “favorites” for quick access from your dashboard.


Your privacy is our top priority and we do not collect or have access to your data. We do not mine, use or sell your data.

Available offline

Perinote functions even when you are offline or out of range. Since the app data resides on the phone, no network connection is required.


Create a filing system that works the way you work, save information and associations the way you want. Create an unlimited number of folders or subfolders with any mixture of Notes, Contacts, Events, Tasks, Phone Calls, Photos.


Create an unlimited number of custom tags and apply them to any of your items or folders.


Capture important information with our unique note taking capability. Include as much detail as you need for your activities.


Perinote integrates natively with your phone's calendar allowing you to easily manage your activities, events and tasks all from a single app .


Place phone calls, text messages and email directly from Perinote. Quickly embed notes, contacts, calendar events, photos in your email messages.


Capture photos directly to any folder.


Take control of your important tasks from a single access point designed to organize and prioritize multiple checklists mirroring what works best for you.


Perinote integrates natively with your phone's contact list allowing you to make calls directly from the application or link individuals and groups to your important activities for easy recall and management.

Visual editing

Efficiently edit your notes in a list without opening them. Their context is always visible and editing directly saves time.