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Make Your Relationships Even Stronger
I wish I had written that down somewhere.
Wed, 1 Feb 2017 12:00:00 PDT

What makes a relationship strong? It probably depends on the relationship and whether it is personal or professional. However, no matter what, all relationships can be strengthened when we give attention to detail and do our best to remember what our friends, family and coworkers care about. In the end it is the thought that counts.

Our relationships, both personal and professional are important to us for sure, but making the investments of time and effort necessary to maintain them can be difficult when we have so much else on our plates.

Most of us are very busy people living in a fast-paced world. To be successful in all the realms of our lives means doing a lot of juggling. Having a healthy work-life balance is beyond valuable for not only our health and happiness, but our relationships too. No wonder we occasionally forget birthdays, anniversaries, or the start time of our next all-hands team meeting when there are so many details to track.

Let’s imagine how this could play out in one of your personal relationships. Think of someone important to you, that you’ve known for a very long time. Maybe it’s your brother who lives a couple hours away, so you don’t get to see him as often as you’d like. You’re going to be visiting him soon and you just remembered, rather last minute, that it’s his birthday and you forgot to get him a gift. Important question, what gift would be meaningful to you and to him?

Or what about a professional relationship? Maybe you have team members that you are working together with on a project at work. You could strengthen your relationship with them by staying on top of important details, such as what you each promised to bring and contribute to the next team meeting. Or, everyone appreciates encouragement, so keep track when you notice a team member doing a good job and commend them for it next time you see them. Keeping a record will help your team stay on track and keep you accountable to your share of the responsibility.

So whether it is personal or professional, how can you get better about tracking important details and making your relationships that much stronger? The truth is no one ever intends to forget these things, we all just need a little help. That’s where Perinote Organizer comes in. An app like Perinote can help you keep all these details organized so that you don’t have to overtax your brain and memory.  That way you won’t ever forget your brother’s birthday or your teammate’s contributions. And the more you use Perinote, the more helpful and intuitive it becomes.  

This first and easiest thing you can do with Perinote is create a folder for each person who is important to you. Then create a contact for that person and put it in their folder. After that you can add your notes related to that person, tasks, or calendar events.

Use contacts to create dossiers on clients or business partners when you are introduced to them. Take notes on your team’s projects and success metrics. Or, use notes to create debriefs on meetings or networking events you attend.

Perinote is great for storing details that you need but may not remember later. Freeing up your mind will make you much more productive and reliable.

Keep in mind, Perinote is helpful for not just professional relationships, but your personal ones as well. You can use the calendar to track birthdays, anniversaries, dinners, home tasks and family events, so you’ll always remember your personal commitments.

Back to the example of your brother and what gift to get him. If you kept notes in Perinote over the years (his favorite foods, his hobbies, the style of artwork in his home, what he reads or watches, and so on) then getting him a gift will be that much simpler. You’ll spend less time scrambling to get him something special and he’ll get a gift he’ll love - a win-win for everyone!

When creating your notes, no detail is too small, and Perinote’s customizable folder system can handle whatever you throw at it. Use your notes to help you make decisions that make other people happy. With Perinote’s help you’ll be able to relax and focus more on what matters most: spending more time with your loved ones.


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