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I Keep Forgetting to Look at My Tasks
Perinote can help.
Sun, 1 Jan 2017 12:00:00 PDT

Have you ever had this problem? It is actually very common.

People will try all sorts of things to stay on top of their to-do list: make dozens of paper notes, cover their desk with various sticky note reminders, write them in a calendar or personal planner, or use a note app on their device. Given so many choices and sources, it can be nearly impossible to remember to look at all of them. Besides, doing things this way can be chaotic, when what people really want is to be organized.

If you create tasks but forget to look at them, it defeats the purpose and the benefits of keeping a task list. Some of us have trouble remembering to create the tasks in the first place!

So what can we do, to not only utilize our task tracking more effectively but to remember to look at them? If all the information you needed was in one location it would be easy to stay on top of your tasks and activities. That’s where an app like Perinote comes in.

The task feature in a productivity app like Perinote is an extremely useful tool and can help you stay organized. Many of you have probably tried a few productivity apps already and gave up because they were overly complex, or only fulfilled one function so you ended up having to use multiple apps that don’t communicate with each other. Perinote is different - a single application that efficiently brings together all of your tasks, events, notes and contacts into a single, easy to use application designed to increase productivity without complexity. In our app you can organize your tasks in multiple places and view them in one place with our innovative unified task list. However, the unified task list can only really help your stay organized if you remember to look at them.

Perinote has some suggestions and ideas on how to remember to look at your tasks.

First, you can try utilizing your calendar even more than you are now. Create calendar events for all of your meetings or events. Nothing is too small or trivial, so put in your casual coffee dates along with your end of the month progress meetings.  

Second, use positive association and reinforcement to turn looking at your task list often and utilizing it into a habit. You can make this happen through repetition, practice and the gratification that comes from accomplishment. What is more satisfying than checking off an item on your task list? The more regularly you create tasks in Perinote, the more often you look at the list, and the more frequently you check something off your to-do list, the more more accomplished you will feel, which will help these behaviors become ingrained habits.

Third, write notes in the moment and add them to a “To Be Filed” folder, which Perinote provides for you. Later, when you have time, you can find the action items in the notes you took and convert them into tasks. Perinote Organizer makes this even easier, because you can turn any note into a task and modify its task state. If you make a note about a task the moment it occurs to you, including as many additional references and pertinent details as you need, you will have a consistent method that frees your mind and gives you an easy path to stay organized.

Until the habit is fully formed, try using visual triggers in your environment to help remind you to look at your tasks. For example, one sticky note of a particular color on your desktop or on your office door that you’ll see every time you enter or leave. That way whenever you see that sticky note you will be reminded to look at your tasks. Another way to help build the habit is to check your list at the same time everyday, such as when you have your morning coffee, or make it the first thing you do when you sit down at your desk for the day. Repetition will make it easier for you to remember to do important things like check your tasks.

The more you use your tasks and to do lists, the more second-nature it will become. Perinote wants to support you and help make organization into a habit. Our app has everything you need conveniently in one place to improve your organization and increase productivity.


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