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How to Have an Organized Holiday
Learn about Perinote Favorites and Search.
Tue, 1 Nov 2016 12:00:00 PDT

It's that time of year again, a time when we all get to fill ourselves with delicious food and spend quality time with our loved ones. That's right, Thanksgiving is rapidly approaching. Let us show you how two features of Perinote, Search and Favorites, will help you prepare for the holiday.

Before we can fully sit back, relax and enjoy ourselves, we have plenty of preparations to handle. Collect recipes, send invitations, review the guest list, make grocery lists, go shopping and make a schedule for the big feast. That is a lot to keep track of. But don't worry, when it comes to keeping your Thanksgiving organized, Perinote Organizer has got you covered.

Perinote has special features that make it even easier to find what you need and find them fast.

As you prepare for the holiday, you will frequently need to access all the details you put in your Thanksgiving folder. Mark it as a "favorite" it will always be for you the home page. You can do this with any folder in Perinote.

Now, say you are at the grocery store and forgot to write some ingredients on your shopping list. The recipe is from another previous activity and you can't remember which folder it's in. What should you do? Perinote's fast, global search feature is perfect for just such a situation. With Perinote's Search function, you can either search exclusively within the contents of the folder you currently have open, or you can do a global search that will look for the item in all folders. Instead of navigating to every possible folder it could be in until you find it, wasting your time, let Perinote show you a list of matching folders.

After tapping the search button, you will see search results.

When you see the recipe you were looking for, tap on it to open the folder. There will be the recipe and the list of ingredients.

(recipe courtesy of

When you are using Perinote, try out the folder search, too. It is similar to the global search but only searches in the currently displayed folder. It displays the results by filtering what is displayed rather than opening a search results folder.

With Perinote, you can always find the information you need to prepare for Thanksgiving, or any party, all together in one place. Keep your grandma's special recipes, notes on your guests' food allergies and your entire to-do list all conveniently in one location and with our built-in tools easily find exactly what you are looking for in a snap.

Some other examples for how Perinote can help your stay organized during the holidays include, creating a folder just for recipes and marking it as a favorite so that you can quickly retrieve them while cooking. Or you can create a task list of all the cleaning and chores that need to be completed before guests arrive. You'll be able to relax more knowing that everything you need to make the holiday great is at your fingertips.

Now that all your holiday preparations will be so much faster and more organized it means you get to spend more time with whichever is your favorite - family, friends, football, or food.

Have a happy Thanksgiving, from all of us at Perinote!


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