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Imagine Stress Free Vacation Planning
Enjoy your vacation more, worry about planning less.
Wed, 1 Jun 2016 12:00:00 PDT

Vacations are supposed to be relaxing, right? It's almost summertime, people's favorite time to travel. What will your vacation be like? In your imagination you might already be there lounging on a beach, but your body will need to catch up with you. You'll need to make arrangements to get there and back as well as planning other details. With the right tools getting ready to go is easier than you think. You've worked hard. You deserve to spend your vacation enjoying yourself, not worrying about planning.

All too often though, planning and being on vacation is a source of stress, getting in the way of your rest and relaxation. There's the itinerary to plan, prices to compare, schedules to clear, accommodations to book, and all that information to carry around with you while you travel. The good news is vacation planning doesn't have to be overwhelming. It can be stress free if you have the right tool in your pocket, or rather, the right app on your smartphone. Perinote is just such an app.

Imagine you have everything you need, easily accessible, together in one place. No more scrambling for information or forgetting where you wrote down your flight number. Perinote can manage all your details in such a way that you won't need to worry or waste time. When planning and being on vacation is quick and easy you get to spend more time relaxing.

Start by creating a note for your vacation and label it with what makes the most sense to you, for example "Vacation Plans". Because of Perinote's innovative folder system, as soon as you open this note, it becomes a folder and you can add other relevant items to it. Now you can create and store notes about your hotel details, create a task for checking into your flight, add contacts for people you might need to call (travel agent, tour guide, etc) and create an event for a scuba diving excursion you plan to take.

While you are on vacation, Perinote will work wherever you are. No internet connection is needed and all your vacation details are a few taps away.

With Perinote tags you can quickly tag every piece of information related to your vacation for even easier retrieval. That means, if you decide to have multiple folders or several levels of nested folders, with tagging you can see everything pulled together for each tag.

Your vacation planning folder(s) can be as simple or as detailed as you want to make them. We believe the more information the better though, because finding confirmation numbers or addresses is much less stressful when you know all that important stuff can be found in your handy, Perinote vacation folder.

For more ideas and details on how to organize your vacation, check out this article from PCMag: Get Organized: Vacation Planning.

Get organized, stay relaxed and enjoy your vacation!

(NB: this post has been updated, changing the term Category to Tag, reflecting the current Perinote terminology. 30 Oct 2016)


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