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Holiday Shopping
Why is Perinote the best app to organize your holiday shopping?
Tue, 1 Dec 2015 12:00:00 PDT

Did you get your holiday shopping done yet? I haven't. It takes time to browse and think of the right gifts for each person. Then you have to spend the time actually doing the shopping - both on line and out and about.

Perinote is the perfect app for organizing your holiday shopping. It's even better than you think. Shopping for several people means you need to keep notes and ideas about what each person might like. You also need to keep track of each person. You may also want to create tasks for each item to purchase. Perinote does all of this in a really cool way.

A Folder for the Holidays

Let's start by creating a folder for your holiday shopping. You know how to do that - go to Top Level Folders (or where ever) and add a note called "Holiday Shopping". Then open it by tapping on its icon - on the right.

Now let's add a list of people that you want to find gifts for.

Adding a List of People

There are a couple popular ways to do this. One is to add the contact item for each person to "Holdiay Shopping". The other is to create a note of each person's name instead of directly using the contact. There's a flat-list approach, which I'll describe at the bottom of this post. Before I explain the trade-offs, let's look at the next step.

The next step is to add your notes and ideas for each person. Open the folder for each person you just added. In that folder, start adding your notes and ideas. When you're done with this, you'll have two levels of folders: "Holiday Shopping", containing a folder for each person. The third level is the individual lists of notes for each person.

Bonus trick: if an item you are going to purchase is for, say, two people, you can add the same item to both people.

Making Tasks

In the previous steps, we created a bunch of lists. That might be good enough and probably all you could expect from other apps. In Perinote, you can turn each item you need to look for or purchase into a task. Long touch the item's icon and then, from the menu icon, choose "Task State". Now your item shows as a task and you can mark it complete when you're done with it.

Say, what? That doesn't sound that cool. Right. But go look at your Tasks List. All of the items you changed into tasks now appear, together, in you Tasks List. And you can drag & drop them in whatever order suits you without affecting the folders where they were created.


If you use a contact for each person's folder, you eliminate having to type an extra note representing the contact. On the other hand, when you "open" the contact and add notes to it, those notes will show up "under" the contact no matter where, in Perinote, you view that contact.

Instead, by creating a note to represent the person, the list of gifts you create for that person will show only in this single place.

What About the Contact Item for each Person?

If you chose my preferred alternative - creating a note to represent each person - you will be lacking the contact info. Maybe you don't need it handy. But if you do, just add it as the first item in the person's folder.

Now, if you need to mail them a package or make a call, their info is right there for you.

Flat-List Approach

If you want to see all the notes in one list then put them in one list. Instead of creating a nested folder for each person, just put the notes for each person right after that person. If you use a contact to represent each person, the resulting list will look like this:

With this method you benefit from not having to navigate up and down to see different people. But you also lose the ability to have an item belong to more than one person. Also, your list might get rather long.

So, you see, with Perinote there is not one, but at least three ways you may organize your holiday shopping list. Your life, your way!


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