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What was his name?
Create a tag and use it to organize contacts.
Thu, 1 Oct 2015 12:00:00 PDT

I'm an electric vehicle enthusiast. So, it's likely if I meet someone at a party who is also an EV enthusiast that I'll make an entry in Perinote. But I meet a lot of people and those connections become hazy after a while.

Perhaps you are an EV enthusiast, too. Or substitute your favorite topic. You are talking to your coworker - at work, duh - and she mentions that she is considering test driving an EV. "Hey," you say, "I met a guy a few months ago at a party who had just researched all the tradeoffs. Would you like to talk to him?" "Sure," your friend says.

But, hold on, what was his name?

What you already did.

When you met the EV guy, you created a contact for him, in Perinote, and added it to the event for the party where you met him. You also have a tag for EV people and tagged him with it. Here's how.

  • Before the party, you had created a calendar event: Wine tasting, saturday 9/5/15.
  • During the party, when you met the EV guy, you created a contact for him, in Perinote. You added that contact to the event. This is really easy, way easier than writing about it:
    • In Perinote, open the calendar. Since it is the day of the party, the party event will immediately show up.
    • Tap on the calendar event's icon - it automatically becomes an open folder.
    • Tap add-contact. In the popup, tap the + icon. This opens a new-contact popup.
    • Fill in the contact info and tap "Save". It's automatically added to your Android contacts and to the event folder.
  • Next you need to tag the contact. Still looking at the calendar event with the newly added contact, long touch the contact icon. Then from the menu icon, select Choose Tags. In the popup, choose "EV People". Close the popup.

How do you find him?

This part is really easy. There's more than one way to do this, here's one. Open the calendar and find the party event. Tap on the event to open it. Then, just look for the contact tagged with EV.

Alternatively, you can scan through the list of people you tagged with EV. Open the Tags folder. Find EV People. Tap the icon for EV People, which opens that folder and shows its members. Scroll through the members till you find what you are looking for.

Your life in Perinote

This isn't a contrived example but it doesn't work unless you actually put useful information into Perinote. The more you put in, the more you can get out. And easily.

(NB: this post has been updated, changing the term Category to Tag, reflecting the current Perinote terminology. 30 Oct 2016)


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