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Making a List of Friends
How to use a folder to organize a group of contacts.
Tue, 1 Sep 2015 12:00:00 PDT

Let's say you have a group of people you meet with to drink wine and discuss the latest thriller novels. You might have some other groups, too, such as your carpool members. It's useful to keep track of these people in case you need to email them, call them, or keep a list of notes for each person.

You might be familiar with making groups of contacts using your email or contacts app. Perinote does that, too, but it lets you do it your way. You can make groups of contacts and put the group in any folder. You can also add as many notes or other items as you like to each group or each contact.

Create a group.

In Perinote, follow these steps to create a Thriller Circle folder.

First, create a new folder. For this example, I'll create it in Top Level Folders. See, it's at the bottom of the screen.

Add contacts.

Next, open the Thriller Cirlce folder and then use the Add icon at the top of the screen to add people to the folder. Here are the people that usually come to my monthly meeting. Pretty awesome group, right?

Make a call.

Well, all we've done so far is about as much as all the other organizer apps can do. Let's try a few more things.

Let's make a phone call to Poe (warning: he never answers my calls). Long touch the icon for Poe, then tap the phone icon in the menu bar.

Add notes.

Or, add some notes to Stephenson regarding comments he made at the last meeting. Ok, Neal, if you're reading this forgive my misquotes.

See, it's easy to add a raft of notes to a contact and it's easy to keep a group of contacts neatly in a folder.


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