About us

Perinote is an innovative software company which develops applications for busy mobile users who want to take control of and easily organize both their professional and personal lives.For the first time mobile users will have a single access point where all of their library of information and activities are readily available in a unique multi-feature Android Application allowing them to navigate and take control of the complexities in their lives.

Why Perinote was developed

A note from the founder

Frustrated by the inability to track vendors and subcontractors effectively on my new smartphone while traveling to and from the job-site, I began to searching for an easy to use unified organizational tool.

After trying several organizational applications which did not provide the tools that I needed to track the details of my project, I decided to do something about this problem and Perinote was born.

I required a note organizing system that had the look and feel of a folder system where contacts, notes, tasks or calendar activities could be commingled and easily recalled. I envisioned a system where a user could read a collection of notes together, like a document, without any further navigation. I also wanted a way where information could be collected in one place and used in other locations with a single application.  Solving these pain points led to the concept of being able to put items in more than one folder.

Another goal was to find a way to aggregate specific project details, such as a vendor or individual, from a variety of project folders. This led to developing a unique tagging system, which is a great organizational tool by itself, but when integrated along with notes, contacts, calendar events became a powerful productivity solution that empowers users to quickly recall details without switching applications.
These unique features allow Perinote to efficiently bring together calendar events, contacts, tasks, and notes into a single easy to use application designed to increase productivity without complexity.

Users simply access their home page which contains direct navigation to all their activities available at a glance on the go. Perinote makes it easy to stay on top of your diverse lifestyle.

We hope you enjoy our application.

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